Gran Torino

Gran Torino, a movie from 2008 starring Clint Eastwood, focuses on an army veteran struggling with different issues. Death, family, racism and faith are his main struggles, and throughout the movie we see him deal with, and solve these issues.

Walt´s racial beliefs

We witness, on several occasions, Walt being very rude and judgmental towards different races, especially Asians. His whole neighborhood is filled with people from different ethnicities, and for an old man believing in every stereotype out there, that can be overwhelming. But further into the movie, we can slightly see these beliefs change. He becomes close with the Hmongs next door, taking Thao, their struggling boy, under his wings. His racial slurs transforms from a form of insult to something of a friendly banter. Eventually he even ends up sacrificing himself for their well-being. A lesson learned for everyone watching.

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The relationship with his family

From the very start of the movie, we clearly understand that Walt isn´t especially close with his two sons and their families. He describes this to the priest when he finally agrees to a confession towards the end of the movie, and that he never knew how to reverse this. The fact that he takes Thao, an Asian kid under his wings is in my opinion a form of an attempt to make up. Respect is a big deal to Walt, and when he witnessed Thao helping an old lady with her groceries, his opinion of him started to change. Thao ends up working for Walt for two weeks, this also increasing his respect for him. His respect is totally confirmed in the bitter end, when he leaves his 1972 Gran Torino car, the title element of the movie, for Thao.

Walt is an old man with many opinions. He starts off as a critical, hateful and almost vengeful person, before circumstances leads to him becoming caring for the ones he respects. He wants to make amends with his regrets, and does so with his actions leading up to the sacrifice, and the sacrifice in itself. All in all a great move, stacked with fine balance of humor and life lessons. Definitely enjoyed this one.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Bilderesultat for sustainable development goalsThe Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly. As highlighted above, you can see each and every one of these goals. These are the world’s joint work plan for eradicating poverty, combating inequality and stopping climate change by 2030. In 2015, a UN Secretary-General named Ban Ki-moon announced that 193 countries had agreed to set of development goals. These goals covered everything within the three dimensions of sustainable development, climate and environment, economy and social conditions. In total, they made these 17 goals. The one goal that stood out to me was goal number four, quality education. The reason being a good education is the basis for improving people’s lives, and I know that a good education will have a big impact on my life. I want to give other people the same opportunities that I was given.